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Kotoba no sekai......「~言葉の世界~」
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21st-Oct-2029 11:12 am(no subject)

----- 23.01.2008 -----

oh...I don't kick. want to be friends? ;)



some personal real life experience custom-locked to REAL LIFE friends only.
some not so personal real life entries friends-locked.
whatever I think better be locked, will be locked.


most of my flailing entries on drama, asian entertainment, actors etc open for public viewing.

31st-May-2029 02:47 pm - JE SALES
he's hot you know it

Since the original selling page is so cluttered up,
I'm re-listing the goods which are still available here in a new post. Sold items are left out, obviously.
You can check out the original page to see the previous transaction, if you wish to.

do look around.
Basically I'm selling my MYOJO, Duet, Wink Up, Popolo, various magazines, photobooks and misc.
Celebrities concerned: Johnny Groups, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Korean and Japanese stars in general, 'Nsync, Star Wars.

Q: Why are you selling your JE stuffs?
I still like and enjoy JE but I'm over that obsession phase :P

  • I accept registered well-concealed CASH. ( OR sometimes I might need someone to update my Megaupload account since I don't have paypal)
  • if you have any other method which I'm able to proceed do tell me. p/s I don't have paypal nor credit card.
  • I'm sending stuffs from MALAYSIA
  • Price stated exclusive of shipping & handling
  • Price stated are in US Dollar
  • you can choose either express service of normal registered service. (both are registered package)
  • You have to pay first, I'll send out the package once I received the payment. I'll post up package tracking number and posting receipt as proof of sending out.

*Name - payment/shipping status
ayeffekay - sent & received

Comment with e-mail will be screened.

proceed to the goods :)Collapse )</td><td>

 3 Takeshi Posters for sale
(req for sample)

each $6
korean entertainment magazine - in japanese
(request for more info)
sticker book
photos and exclusive interviews

rolling stone baaack issue.
Nsync confidential.The unofficial book.
Bio, PHOTOSSS, articles, etc.
WHO life story - Justin Timberlake
articles, PHOTOS etc.
</td><td> </td></tr></tbody></table>
18th-Jun-2008 03:07 am - Kimi ni shika kikoenai and Koizora
he&#39;s hot you know it
I finally watched Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai after months the burned dvd has been collecting dust.

I love it. It's sweet and heartbreaking. Koide Keisuke was very good in this, one of my favourite character of him besides his character in Koizora (which I'll be babbling latter). Narumi Riko was good as usual, she is one promising young actress (although I'm not too impressed with her character as Hagu in Honey & Clover drama series but his other works have always be wonderful).

Ryou ( Riko ) is an introvert, she doesn't make friends, and she doesn't own a handphone. One day after picking up a handphone-toy, she start receiving calls from a guy, Shinya ( Keisuke ). They becomes friends.

Despite the similarity of the concept at that part with Il Mare I seems to like this movie and enjoy it better than the former.

On Koizora, I've been expecting good things from it because the trailer seems so much good, and sometimes, bad boy lover can be somehow cool, ha ha. Besides, I like Aragaki Yui. I learnt that this is adapted from a cellphone novel which is based from true story. Whether it's real I don't know because the movie seems too dramatic and sometimes a bit unrealistic imho.

Lots of people seems to really love this, but I'm not. The cinematography are beautiful but the story and directing is too rushed.  I don't really feel for the lovers (Mika and Hiro). Sometimes the lines seems fake and so does some of the reaction. Mika is somehow portrayed like a nice girl, but then seems to easy to sleep with that guy. It's too quick and hmm, I don't know.
There will be lots of grammatical error and mistakes and I'm too lazy to recheck them. not like I'm really good in English to begin with. haha. I know most of my entries will have at least some errors. ok this is so out..

11th-Jun-2008 10:26 pm - Rookies
he&#39;s hot you know it

I'm loving Rookies so very much, which is not something I expected. I mean, teacher-students drama is old in the jdrama industry. You got the ever popular like GTO and Gokusen (which has 3 series altogether), and so-so one like Naomi, Gachibaka just for example. There's also Jyou no kyoshitsu, Kinpachi Sensei which has more serious undertaking. Rookies bends more to GTO,Gokusen and other ; the light, comical, delinquent student-teacher relationship (which Kinpachi Sensei definitely not one, dealing with more serious and realistic issue). Which explains why I said I didn't expect to be enjoying Rookies much, because such dramas has becomes repetitive especially since GTO and Gokusen became popular.

Rookies also an adaptation from a manga. A passionate teacher working towards supporting his student's dreams, and prepared to take responsibility of them. The wiki have it like this; "The story revolves around a high school teacher and coach that tries to reform delinquents by having them join the baseball team."

sounds old eh? Despite that, I really like it. It's much better than Gokusen season 2, or maybe better than Gokusen? I'm not sure. It surely lack OTP like found in Gokusen, so if that's not what interest you much for a drama, then you might enjoy Rookies more. It's Gokusen if it's the other way around.

The hairstyle of the delinquents in this drama is so oldschool , but that's a no problem with me. maybe they're like that to be faithful to the manga? (which I never read).

I've watch two episodes, and loved them. I can just hope it stays good until the end :)

I like Ichihara Hayato. IMHO he's certainly unphotogenic, I mean when I first saw him in magz scan I never find him attractive, cute nor handsome, in fact I found him somewhat not-good-looking, but that is not so when I first saw him acting in Chekeraccho. And then, Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru (another teacher-students drama - but based on real school) etc. He looks much better, cooler and cuter 'moving' than in still photos. lol.

I like Rookies for Rookies, but it's a plus to have him and Takaoka Sousuke as eyecandies :P
10th-Jun-2008 03:32 pm - Eita's brother in Puzzle
I know I have this habit of starting few dramas at a time. which is not good. That's the reason sometimes I 'un'intentionally pause a drama for a long time.

With Zettai Kareshi, Kinpachi Sensei, and Capital Scandal still in the watching list, I started Puzzle out of curiousity. I've always been a fan of mystery dramas. I'm more flexible to forgive bad mystery drama than bad dramas of other category. Since I just started episode 1 and while writing this I'm not even half of the episode, I don't know how it'll turn out. interesting or not.

the main reason I write this has nothing really to do with the drama itself,
I just want to say Eita's brother has quite a striking resemblance to him! XD
I seems to concentrate on his face more than anything else while watching Puzzle. lol.
9th-Jun-2008 10:48 pm(no subject)
I love Zettai Kareshi!
And I love the two male characters. I am even in a dilemma whom to root on, Sochi or Night.
Yes I don't read the manga so I don't know.

I can't wait to continue ep8 until the end.
Each episode, 1-7, I like! :P

I also start on Kinpachi Sensei season 7.
Season 6 is one of my MOST favourite jdrama EVER which left quite a memorable impact on me. I'm still on episode 9 and it's not even half of the whole series so I don't know how good it really is. But so far I've been enjoying it a lot, the feel is like the previous season too. I can say I'm loving it quite as much as season 6. If only anyone know where I can get season1-5 with subtitles.. hmm..
21st-May-2008 02:27 pm(no subject)
it has been MONTHS since I last updated.
well, school had been hectic, with-not-so-good net connection. that's why.
Final's over, and I'm in for long holiday!
expect more of me soon..
ha ha.
24th-Feb-2008 12:00 pm - why,oh,why.
he&#39;s hot you know it
I've been having difficulties reading my friend-list since yesterday. it just won't load. I can open livejournal, weirdly, but not my f-list. I wonder if it's a problem on lj or my connection.
23rd-Feb-2008 10:12 am(no subject)
he&#39;s hot you know it
uni has been catching up.
so yeah.kind of semi-hiatus.

Who watched Kisaragi and found it very creative? :) I like the concept of this movie.

It's about few fans of an idol who met up for her memorial service. it later lead to a discussion whether their idol really commited suicide like announced or there are some foul play behind it. One day, 5 guys in a small room. with interesting direction.
10th-Feb-2008 03:30 pm - Bara no nai hanaya ep 3
he&#39;s hot you know it
" dad said to queue up behind elderly when it's crowded.
...he said it'll be too pitiful if someone rush the elderly "

Eiji might not be handsome, but he's charming. <3

yet another good episode.
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